Something New

Today, the topic for the Sixth Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week (Hosted by the wonderful Eskimimi) is Trying Something New.Whatever gets you out of the doldrums of your everyday routine.

I thought maybe I should try my hand at podcasting. I’ve been thinking about for a  while, actually. I love writing short little stories about my knitting, interesting events, but, for me, the posts where I talk about the new yarn I bought and routine WIP updates never flow as well. They just seem boring and flat, so I thought this might be an interesting alternative.

Sock Yarn Blankie By: Shelly Kang (Ravelry)
Skeleton Key By: Andre Sue (Ravelry)
Rugged Ripples By: Stephanie Gage (Ravelry)
Flying North (Not Pictured) By: Maria Montzka (Ravelry)

Red/Grey/Silver Sock Yarn By: Turtle Purls Yarns (Etsy)
Green/Brown/Blue Finger Weight Yarn: AndreSueKnits (Etsy)

On Ravlery: Kninernat
On Instagram: Kninernat

Hello! This is Day Five of a week-long blogging train hosted by Eskimimi (see link above). It’s still not too late to join. Just write a post and tag it KCBW6DAY5 and comment so I know to check it out.


13 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Great first podcast! I’m excited to see more in the future- keep ’em coming!

    And, thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words for my blog and stuff! Your sweater looks awesome! And, I understand the specialness of the blanket. I have a pair of socks that I was knitting when I lost someone special- I don’t think I could ever let them go!

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