Experimental Photography & a History Lesson

When I was in eleventh grade my English teacher assigned us to write a satire. But, before we could make fun of something we had to thoroughly research it. I, of course, chose knitting. I did a research report on the history of knitting and it was, if I say so myself,  quite glorious- if only because I learned so much about the craft I love. Today the topic for the Sixth Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week (Hosted by the wonderful Eskimimi) is Experimental Photography. I thought I’d combine some knitty and some nerdy to see if I could come up with something a little different.

1I learned that in nearly every war in the United States’ history the servicemen who was wounded and stuck in a military hospital for a significant amount of time was taught to knit. It was a form of entertainment and it helped them feel useful, as they could knit for their brothers-in-arms who were still on the battlefield.

However, learning to do something such as knitting, something considered ‘women’s work’ (even though it was once considered a skill so important, that all male guilds were built around it, but I digress) was particularly emasculating. I can just imagine Captain going in and sitting with the men who were more stubbornly entrenched in their gender roles and silently knitting beside them, providing support for those who were stubbornly refusing to ‘get it’.

So, when I created this poster I had a few thing in mind, the traditional Uncle Sam posters and my image of Captain teaching the men the new new ‘Kitchner Stitch” (Invented by Kitchner during WWII). I also wanted to pay tribute to the people on the home front who knitted according to military regulations, gifts for their loved ones and soldiers they didn’t even know.  2

When I created the second poster I had a line from one Avengers!Knitting fanfic stuck in my head. Tony comes in to find all of the other avengers knitting. He asks Steve (AKA Captian America) if he knows that he could buy socks much cheaper and easier than the one he is knitting. Steve replies with “Good socks help win battles, Stark,” . I can almost see that being a forties propaganda poster. I played around with the idea and this is what came out.

Hello! This is Day Three of a week-long blogging train hosted by Eskimimi (see link above). It’s still not too late to join. Just write a post and tag it KCBW6DAY3 and comment so I know to check it out.


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