If I Were a Yarn

If I were a yarn…

Even just for a day…

Okay okay, Reba McIntire lyrics aside, Today is the first day of the Sixth Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week (Hosted by the wonderful Eskimimi) and the topic is ‘If I Were a Yarn’.

If I were a yarn, the moment I started to think about this prompt I immediately knew I would be an alpaca yarn.

Something with a halo to embrace my wild crazy (recently shortened) hair.

Something natural to reflect my love of the earth and all those living on it. No superwash or nylon for me (despite the fact that I use it)!

I thought a good bit about whether it was alright that I would felt. I pondered the fact that so many crafters consider the felting of a project a tragedy. Then I realized that it is a parallel for life, if I may be so philosophical. Sometimes you don’t get to decide if a tragedy is going to happen. In fact, you usually don’t. In times of tragedy people (and fiber) link together and hod onto each other for support. Then, depending on the tragedy (or wash cycle) they continue these new relationships. They’ve become something different, something beautiful, yet still the same in some way.

That’s why I’d be alpaca. I’ve had some rough times and hot cycles in my life (as has everybody) and have found support in people and am still strong despite what has happened.

The specific yarn I am picturing is a the first ‘real’ I ever spun.


It’s a 80% Alpaca 20% Silk (details details!) by Miss Babs.

It is my spirit yarn, if you will.

Hello! This is Day One of a week-long blogging train hosted by Eskimimi (see link above). It’s still not too late to join. Just write a post and tag it KCBW6DAY1 and comment so I know to check it out. 


2 thoughts on “If I Were a Yarn

  1. Great analogy! It’s true that you never know what life will throw at you. I love the look of the first handspun you have ever done – what are you going to use it for?


    • I’ve had if for over a year now, and I think I finally found the pattern. A baby version of the Barry hat. I just need the contrast color. Then it’ll get packed away until a day way in the future when I have a baby to wear it.


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