I Need a New Shawl

It seems to be a trend in college doing your laundry as little as possible. Some are just lazy, some are trying to conserve water (me!) and other sorts of reasons. Now, nobody will notice that you wear jeans two or three, or four times in a week. They might not even notice if you re-wear a plain shirt either.

However, if I wear a shawl two days in a row people are going to start whispering ‘that girl with the frizzy hair is wearing that weird granny shoulder thingy again’ and it’s all going to go down hill from there.* I have three shawls to rotate through the Gingko Shawlette, Zombie Teeth, and Shattered Sun Shawl but, I seem to lean toward the Shattered Sun Shawl the most.

The solution, I believe, is to knit myself some more shawls. I’m not sure what patterns I would want to knit, there are just so many pretty ones! I’ve been thinking about Zuzu’s Petals or Seafoam Shawlette to Shrug or French Cancan or  The Traveling Companion Shawl or Clincher or Lantern Shawl. As I went through my favorites on Ravelry I just kept finding more and more tucked away. Which one do you guys like? Or do you have any favorite shawl patterns?

*Note: I don’t actually give a bent dpn about what people think about my handknits, it’s just an excuse to buy yarn and knit shawls


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