Yarn Cats

This is a very delayed post. First due to sheer laziness after finishing homework and then an emergency room trip (cook a meal together, they said, it’ll be a cute date they said). Nevertheless, I have finally had a spare minute.

If you’re anything like me you have an affinity for felines and knitting. If not, maybe you like one or the other? Anyway, one might wonder if fiber cats act the same as real cats. I have had two around recently. One as left for his forever home but, the other is staying with me. I can conclusively say that they will:


Play with your yarn.


Knock stuff off tables for no reason.


Spend all day watching the birds outside.


Get cozy in your wips.


Love up on your clean laundry (and show all kinds of cat butt)


Eat your plants

And of course, if there is a box to be sat in…


They will sit in it!

These two kitties are Mintten the Kitten (Roly Poly Cats by: Nima Shimizu) and Jiji (Jiji the Cat by: Louise Walker).


6 thoughts on “Yarn Cats

      • That’s also nice! My husband once sliced his finger open while preparing dinner and I had to rush him to the ER. He fainted in the car on the way and fell over into my lap as I was driving 55 mph down the highway. Geesh! I had to shove him back into his seat while not wrecking the car. Stitches were required. Thank goodness my in-laws were visiting so they could watch the kids. But, the good news was that he could also play video games immediately after the whole exciting trip to the ER! lol. I’m now paranoid and won’t let my poor kids use the knife without a knife glove.

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