Spring Cleaning

I am not a naturally organized person, but I try so hard to be. No matter the strategy I use in about a week or so my dorm room is a mess. So I have a spring cleaning. I get everything organized and put away. That’s what I did on Thursday before my class.

I have a set of stackable plastic cupboards under my bed that I use to store food, bags, and ,of course, my yarn. I organized the cupboard dedicated to yarn and my notions.


I neatly placed my slippers in front. There’s something about a pair of slippers at the end of a bed that just looks so cozy.


I also organized the cupboard where I store my hand-knits (Except socks. Those go in my sock drawer).


I also thought, since I had been talking about organizing my needles I thought I should show how I organized them.


I put my crochet hooks in one jar, my dpns in another, and my straights in a taller one. My circular needles had resided in an empty tissue box for a while. I improvised. Then, last week, it occured to me that I could use my fancy water bottle from Costa Rica. It was six dollars and I was getting my money’s worth. They fit perfectly too.

The last yarny thing I organized was the vase/bucket-turned yarn receptacle.


This is where all my bits for the Blanket go. It’s pretty empty now as I’m going to be sending off five miniskeins pretty soon.

How do you guys organize your stash?


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