Whatcha’ Workin on Wednesday (s2 ep 9)

This week seems to be one of those weird time warp weeks. I find it hard to believe that it’s only Wednesday and already Wednesday at the same time. I think that is mainly due to the fact that, since Monday, I’ve been sick. I either got it from J or Lisa since I live with one (Lisa) and spend copious time around the other (J). I’ve finished Sir CattButt Jiji up to his ears. I was determined to mod them a certain way but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. I’m looking into other options, all to avoid seaming.


I also finished spinning a second hank of the Wool of the Andes fiber. It’s much thinner this time around. I’m so proud of myself! I haven’t washed either hank yet as I’m pretty sure I overspun both but am not sure how to fix that. I’m determined to  keep practicing with the knowledge that improvement does happen.


I started planning something today during my statistics class. It looks a lot like this:


Teehee! I can’t wait until May!

As always this post is brought to you by Beth who runs things over on her blog.


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