I Need a New Shawl

It seems to be a trend in college doing your laundry as little as possible. Some are just lazy, some are trying to conserve water (me!) and other sorts of reasons. Now, nobody will notice that you wear jeans two or three, or four times in a week. They might not even notice if you re-wear a plain shirt either.

However, if I wear a shawl two days in a row people are going to start whispering ‘that girl with the frizzy hair is wearing that weird granny shoulder thingy again’ and it’s all going to go down hill from there.* I have three shawls to rotate through the Gingko Shawlette, Zombie Teeth, and Shattered Sun Shawl but, I seem to lean toward the Shattered Sun Shawl the most.

The solution, I believe, is to knit myself some more shawls. I’m not sure what patterns I would want to knit, there are just so many pretty ones! I’ve been thinking about Zuzu’s Petals or Seafoam Shawlette to Shrug or French Cancan or  The Traveling Companion Shawl or Clincher or Lantern Shawl. As I went through my favorites on Ravelry I just kept finding more and more tucked away. Which one do you guys like? Or do you have any favorite shawl patterns?

*Note: I don’t actually give a bent dpn about what people think about my handknits, it’s just an excuse to buy yarn and knit shawls


Yarn Cats

This is a very delayed post. First due to sheer laziness after finishing homework and then an emergency room trip (cook a meal together, they said, it’ll be a cute date they said). Nevertheless, I have finally had a spare minute.

If you’re anything like me you have an affinity for felines and knitting. If not, maybe you like one or the other? Anyway, one might wonder if fiber cats act the same as real cats. I have had two around recently. One as left for his forever home but, the other is staying with me. I can conclusively say that they will:


Play with your yarn.


Knock stuff off tables for no reason.


Spend all day watching the birds outside.


Get cozy in your wips.


Love up on your clean laundry (and show all kinds of cat butt)


Eat your plants

And of course, if there is a box to be sat in…


They will sit in it!

These two kitties are Mintten the Kitten (Roly Poly Cats by: Nima Shimizu) and Jiji (Jiji the Cat by: Louise Walker).

Head and Shoulders, Tail and Ears

J was away this weekend for lifeguard training so I felt fully justified in turning into a hermit and modding Jij’s ears and tail to my satisfaction. So what did I do?

First, I combined the front and back pieces into one. I cast on 32 stitches and placed sixteen one needle and and sixteen on the other in color a.


IMG_6968Then I modified and combined the ear as follows:

Round 1 (N1) K4a, K8b, K4a (N2) K16a
Repeat Round one for 11 more rounds 

Round 13 (N1) K2a k2toga k4b k2toga k2a (N1) k2a k2toga k8a k2toga k2a

IMG_6969Round 14 (N1) k4a k6b k4a (N2) k14a

Round 15 (N1) K2a K2toga k6b K2toga k2a (N2) k2a k2toga k6a k2toga k2a
Round 16 (N1) k4a k4b k4a (N2) k12a
Round 17 (N1) k2a k2toga k4b k2toga k2a (N2) k2a k2toga k4a k2toga k2a

Round 18 (N1) k4a k2b k4a (N2) k10a
Round 19 (N1) k2a k2toga k1b k2toga k2a (N2) k2a k2toga k2 k2toga k2a

IMG_6971*Work only in color a from now on*

Round 20 (N1) k8 (N2) k8
Round 21 (N1) k2 k2tog k2tog k2 (N2) k2 k2tog k2tog k2
Round 22 (N1) k6 (N2) k6
Round 23 (N1) k1 k2tog k2tog k1 (N2) k1 k2tog k2tog k1

IMG_6970Round 24 (N1) k4 (N2) k4
Then, with the remaining eight stitches (four on each needle) kitchner stitch the top together.

IMG_6973Now sew the ears onto the top, having the inner edges touching in the center of the head.

Then next thing I did was add the tail.


Instead of knitting a long skinny tube and sewing it to Jij’s butt I picked up twelve stitches from  from his behind and knitted off of that, stuffing it as I went. Then I decreased to create the end.

IMG_6974Overall I’m really happy with how my mods turned out, except that I totally did not follow my own directions and the ears are not the same length. I’m thinking about unpicking the seam and reknitting the decreases.

Spring Cleaning

I am not a naturally organized person, but I try so hard to be. No matter the strategy I use in about a week or so my dorm room is a mess. So I have a spring cleaning. I get everything organized and put away. That’s what I did on Thursday before my class.

I have a set of stackable plastic cupboards under my bed that I use to store food, bags, and ,of course, my yarn. I organized the cupboard dedicated to yarn and my notions.


I neatly placed my slippers in front. There’s something about a pair of slippers at the end of a bed that just looks so cozy.


I also organized the cupboard where I store my hand-knits (Except socks. Those go in my sock drawer).


I also thought, since I had been talking about organizing my needles I thought I should show how I organized them.


I put my crochet hooks in one jar, my dpns in another, and my straights in a taller one. My circular needles had resided in an empty tissue box for a while. I improvised. Then, last week, it occured to me that I could use my fancy water bottle from Costa Rica. It was six dollars and I was getting my money’s worth. They fit perfectly too.

The last yarny thing I organized was the vase/bucket-turned yarn receptacle.


This is where all my bits for the Blanket go. It’s pretty empty now as I’m going to be sending off five miniskeins pretty soon.

How do you guys organize your stash?

Whatcha’ Workin on Wednesday (s2 ep 9)

This week seems to be one of those weird time warp weeks. I find it hard to believe that it’s only Wednesday and already Wednesday at the same time. I think that is mainly due to the fact that, since Monday, I’ve been sick. I either got it from J or Lisa since I live with one (Lisa) and spend copious time around the other (J). I’ve finished Sir CattButt Jiji up to his ears. I was determined to mod them a certain way but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. I’m looking into other options, all to avoid seaming.


I also finished spinning a second hank of the Wool of the Andes fiber. It’s much thinner this time around. I’m so proud of myself! I haven’t washed either hank yet as I’m pretty sure I overspun both but am not sure how to fix that. I’m determined to  keep practicing with the knowledge that improvement does happen.


I started planning something today during my statistics class. It looks a lot like this:


Teehee! I can’t wait until May!

As always this post is brought to you by Beth who runs things over on her blog.

And a Dollar Short

Partway though the frigid winter we had up here I decided I needed another pair of mittens to wear over my Podster Gloves (By Glenna C.). I ordered two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash in the colorways “Then there’s Mauve” and “Strawberry Pink”. I originally was just planning to order the Mauve yarn but I fell head-over-afterthought heels in love with the pink. I was planning to knit them up using the brioche stitch but, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. I compromised and cast on the Ridgely Mitts (By Kris Basta). I knit the size small and it was way to small so I frogged and knit them in the size medium.

I don’t know why, but my enthusiasm for this project waned the longer I worked on it. Maybe it was because I knit a whole mitten in the size small and then had to restart one of the size medium ones three times (Totally my fault. I wasn’t paying close enough attention. It’s just short rows right?).

Anyway, by them time I finished them, it was still cold enough that I needed to wear my winter coat but, mittens weren’t really necessary. J was a good sport and photographed me in front of the dorms. Only one has the ends woven in and the top sewn shut so don’t mind the wobbly bits. Also, it’s good I wanted them for wearing over my other knits because they are HUGE on my bare hands.

However, I don’t think I’ll  be wearing my mittens this winter as we seem to be having more of a thirty-degrees-one day and a fifty-degrees-the-next type deal now. So I suppose I’m a day late. Oh well, it isn’t unheard of up here to have post-Easter snows. I’ll try to not be too happy disappointed if we don’t have that.


The little life starts as an egg.

Then it becomes a squiggily wigglily little worm.

And then, once it’s ready it finds a nice strong stick to hand off of.

Slowly slowly, stich by stitch, it knits a chrysalis.

Then it breaks out, once again, slowly slowly, and it’s free.

It’s wet and weak but knows to rest in the sun.

It pumps it’s wings and becomes stronger.

Until it’s ready to fly.


This is the finished Shattered Sun Shawl (By Felicia Lo) knit in Ella Rae Lace Merino.


It was very windy and warm today. Spring is finally here.

Whatcha’ Workin on Wednesday (s2 ep8)

This week has ushered in a whole host of new WIPs, or at least ones I haven’t worked on in a while.

I’ve been reinvigorated and am excited about my Skeleton Key sweater (By Andre Sue) again. There seems to have been a color shift.


Much more blue now. I’m not sure if the motif I’m working on now are flowers or starts but, I like to think they’re marigolds, to coincide with the Day of the Dead vibe I get from the skulls.

I have also been spinning my Knit Picks Wool of the Andes bat.


I’m trying to see how thin I can make the yarn with it still being stable. I’m making progress. The yarn looks much thinner than the first hank I spun.

Lastly, I’m working on Jiji the cat from the Studio Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery service. I’m knitting it in conjunction with the Yarnder Woman’s pop culture knit-a-long. All I have so far is a the bottom and it’s doing what cat butts do.


Blocking my view! 😉