Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday S2 Ep7

Well, it’s Wednesday again and I’m back in school. I’ve been having a hard time readjusting after my week off. *ahem* Anyway, I’ve been coping with whatever knitting I can squeeze in. I’m about a quarter of the way though my second MauveBerry mitten and I can sense my enthusiasm wavering. Chalk it up to the warmish weather that we’ve been having.


Other than the amount knitted nothing has changed, I’m still using two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash (‘Then There’s Mauve’ and ‘Strawberry Pink’) and the Ridgley Mittens by Kris Basta. I’m making the medium size since the first time I knit one it was too small.

I’ve also picked up my Windowsill Garden Gnomes again. they were first started back in July and I don’t know if I every mentioned them here. (What is wrong with my blogging? I fee like I’ve selectively blogging my projects without even noticing…)  I’ve made the female gnome and started in on the male one today.


Today I knit a head, a beard, and most of a leg. This I did during the 8:30 I didn’t know I didn’t have, class was cancelled again, during my Humanities class (I’ve discovered this is the only way I can focus.), and some spare time after Spanish and before Pyschology.

Also, I’ve been plugging away on the Shattered Cabbage shawl (the Shattered Sun Shawl by Felicia Lo) that I’m entering both the Ichigo Abroad Cherry Blossom KAL (Winner is decided by the random number generator so feel free to freely click love) and the Zombie Prepper Mission #3 in the Knitting Dead Group (The winner is deicded by love clicks. Members only so please refrain).


the first deadline is the end of March so I’m coming close to needing to bind off and block. I’m seven rows from finishing the lace. I’ve loved knitting this project so much but I’m excited to be done with this part because then I’ll get to work on another part.

I’ve entered my needle stash into Ravelry and I love being so organized. It’s great. Now to just keep it up.

As always, I’m linking over to Beth who is in charge of the whole operation.


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