Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday S2 Ep7

Well, it’s Wednesday again and I’m back in school. I’ve been having a hard time readjusting after my week off. *ahem* Anyway, I’ve been coping with whatever knitting I can squeeze in. I’m about a quarter of the way though my second MauveBerry mitten and I can sense my enthusiasm wavering. Chalk it up to the warmish weather that we’ve been having.


Other than the amount knitted nothing has changed, I’m still using two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash (‘Then There’s Mauve’ and ‘Strawberry Pink’) and the Ridgley Mittens by Kris Basta. I’m making the medium size since the first time I knit one it was too small.

I’ve also picked up my Windowsill Garden Gnomes again. they were first started back in July and I don’t know if I every mentioned them here. (What is wrong with my blogging? I fee like I’ve selectively blogging my projects without even noticing…)  I’ve made the female gnome and started in on the male one today.


Today I knit a head, a beard, and most of a leg. This I did during the 8:30 I didn’t know I didn’t have, class was cancelled again, during my Humanities class (I’ve discovered this is the only way I can focus.), and some spare time after Spanish and before Pyschology.

Also, I’ve been plugging away on the Shattered Cabbage shawl (the Shattered Sun Shawl by Felicia Lo) that I’m entering both the Ichigo Abroad Cherry Blossom KAL (Winner is decided by the random number generator so feel free to freely click love) and the Zombie Prepper Mission #3 in the Knitting Dead Group (The winner is deicded by love clicks. Members only so please refrain).


the first deadline is the end of March so I’m coming close to needing to bind off and block. I’m seven rows from finishing the lace. I’ve loved knitting this project so much but I’m excited to be done with this part because then I’ll get to work on another part.

I’ve entered my needle stash into Ravelry and I love being so organized. It’s great. Now to just keep it up.

As always, I’m linking over to Beth who is in charge of the whole operation.


FO Friday (Mark 4)

I can’t believe break is almost over. It’s been a week and I don’t feel like I have accomplished much. At least, knitting-wise. I’ve done quite a bit of homework. 😉 Anyway, I finished Daisy’s shrug (The Quick Knit Baby Shrug by Natalie Haban)  last night. I did frog a bit and increase it another inch or so.


I added a few embroidered a few flowers on it and added a button closure. I had originally planned to use pretty pastels for the flowers. Pink, lavender, and light blue with silver centers to tie it together. Then I found the salmon-colored thread.


Oh man, that color. The picture just doesn’t quite do it. Color has always been a powerful force to me, so when it speaks I listen. I went back through my mom’s embroidery floss stash and found a darker blue and a bright yellow. I still used the silver for centers and I truly think the bright colors make the sweater. I even used a white button so as to not detract from the colors of the flowers.

The only other thing I have finished this week, crafting-wise (I finished a ten-page short story but that’s another, well, story) was these.


I made seven (Wow, really?) lavender-scented sachets. All I needed was 10″ by 3″ of fabric, 1/4 cup of rice, and eight drops of lavender essential oil per sachet. The fabric is actually scraps my mom saved when she made me curtains when we redid my room when I was in seventh grade. My entire room is still purple. These will hopefully keep bugs out of my stash.

I am excited for spring but I’m starting to think that by the time I finish the MauveBerry mittens I won’t need them any more.

Whatcha’ Workin on WEdnesday (S2 Ep6)

Well, it officially feels likes spring… for about four days. Then it’ll be right back to freezing cold again (and by freezing I mean base temperatures of -4). My knitting seems to have taken a hint anyway, as I have added a little green to it.IMG_6882

It’s Daisy’s Springtime Cardigan, a present for her first birthday. Aka the Quick Knit Baby Shrug (By Natalie Haban). I’m using Knit Picks Brava (Worsted Weight, 100% Acrylic in the Mint Colorway). It’s super soft and I’m loving the way it’s knitting up but, I’m not sure whether it needs to be a little bit bigger. If not, I can just start in on the sleeves. I am planning to embroider a few little flowers on it as well.


I also bought some roving from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes Roving in the Dill Heather Colorway. I spun up 27 yards today and am planning on using it as a demonstration in my public speaking class. The other only other real ‘WIP’ I have right now is my stash.


I did a major destash at the beginning of this week. I sold for skeins of Berroco Weekend DK, traded two skeins of Lamb’s Pride that I dyed, and I am giving the rest away to goodwill. I only kept stuff that really spoke to me. Now, I just have to organize my Ravelry Stash. I’m accounting for the odds and ends, which is the hardest part. Next I plan on accounting for all of my needles.

That’s about it. With it being spring break one would think I would have more knitting time but, all I mostly seem to be doing is homework. I’m not even trying to get ahead. I had a lot of stuff assigned to work on over break.

Hope you’re all enjoying some spring weather!

As always, I’m linking back to Beth, the leader of WWoW

Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday (S2 Ep5)

There’s a lot of pink this week. I’m not a pink person.

It started with the Blanket. My most recent square is kind of an orangey pink.


Innocuous enough. But then, then I started the MauveBerry Mittens


I’m about three quarters finished, I work on it while I’m in my ‘office’ for tutoring because no one has, of yet, required my services. I’m still getting paid though, so it’s okay.


There are lots of short rows and I made the size small first before I had to start over with a medium.

But then, then I started my Shattered Cabbage Shawl.


I’m entering it in the Ichigo Abroad Cherry Blossom KAL the entire KAL is all about things pink (and red).

What’s up with that?

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