The ‘Nerdy’

A big part of the ‘Nerdy’ in Knitty, Nerdy, and Natural is m love for the Avengers and the Marvel universe in general. I will admit to reading fanfiction and even writing some of my own. It happens when one is a writer and a nerd. That being said I was excited to discover an ‘Archive of our Own’ thread containing many Avengers & knitting fanfics. Here are some of my favorites;

Remember Pearl Harbor; Purl Harder by greenjudy

Bruce sighed, and looked up at Tony. “Do you have a crochet hook?”

“A crochet hook?”

“Do you have,” Bruce asked with exaggerated patience, “a long, slender, hooked implement—“

Tony colored a little and looked away.

“You have a crochet hook, don’t you,” Natasha said.

(Rated “teen” for some swearing.)

Knit 1, Purl 2, Save the World (Again) by katemonkey

Or, The Avengers Tower Stitch & Bitch Club

(General Audience)

I Once Was Lost by Druid_Moon

She demands that Gran teach her how to knit and crochet, how to cook and sew and spin, how to quilt and sing and all the things that Gran can do, because Darcy wants to do them too.

(Teen and Up Audiences)

I hope this list gets you up and going. There are so many great stories on there, from short one-shots to whole series. They also range in rating from ‘general audiences’ to ‘mature’. Let me know which is your favorite. I haven’t begun to read them all!


3 thoughts on “The ‘Nerdy’

  1. I love that there’s fan fiction that mixes the Avenger’s and knitting!! I can’t wait to tell my daughter- who is a huge Marvel and fan-fiction enthusiast. Although, she probably already knows. 🙂


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