Whatcha Workin’ on Wednesday (S2 Ep4)

Hey! It’s Wednesday and this is a post! I finally did it right. It’s ironic that this is the week I finally got a WWoW post out on Wednesday because I was supposed to have three exams this week (I say supposed to because campus was closed on Monday so things have been shifted). I have bee able to find ways to mix knitting and studying though. Of course I’m linking to IKneadToKnit (she’s on her own url now! Congrats Beth!)

IMG_6855 I have been working on WoW (Rugged Ripples By Stephanee Gage) as much as I can. I worked out a system for while I was studying child development; for every three flashcards I got right I was able to crochet a repeat on the blanket (DC3 DC2TOG [twice] DC3 DC2 in the same stitch [twice]). That meant, the more I learned the more I got to crochet. This system worked perfectly until, of course, I ran out of yarn. Yep, in the middle of the second row of my black stripe I ran out.

IMG_6858 While watching the YarnderWoman podcast I might add. Unfortunately, since this is a scrappy blanket (all Cascade 220 Superwash but a scrappy blanket nonetheless) I’ll have to wait until I use more black before I can continue. Luckily I have a pattern in mind that’ll need black Cascade 220. Hopefully there will enough leftovers for me to finish this row which, in turn, will finish the stripe.

IMG_6861 J and I started watching Breaking Bad on Monday (after seeing the premiere of Better Call Saul on Sunday) and we may or may not have finished the first season already. I’ve bee, for some insane reason, been working on Skeleton Key (By AndreSueKnits) while watching. This is clearly not TV knitting but, for some reason, I feel compelled to tempt fate. Thankfully, so far no major mistakes have occurred. this is  an overall progress shot highlighting the front and the back because I think my floats have turned out pretty darn great.


IMG_6864This is a close up of the progress I have made while watching Breaking Bad and while at knit night. I’ve finished the flowers and am onto the eyes, I’m halfway through them. Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on it tonight

In non-knitting news I have been doing some pre-writing for another one of my stories while I let my novel rest for a bit. I’m in between stages and the next one scares me a bit, to be honest.


7 thoughts on “Whatcha Workin’ on Wednesday (S2 Ep4)

  1. I love your method for rewarding studying with crocheting. I have a similar system set up for housework. 🙂

    Your floats look amazing! No puckering at all in the fabric which is hard to do (for me anyways). Love!

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