FO Friday (Mark 3?)

Well, I think today is FO Friday, Mark 3. It’s been a while since I’ve done an FO post.

I finished Lisa’s tee shirt blanket with plenty of time before Christmas. Amazingly it only took a week to finish. Here it is, all twenty five tee shirts (80×100 inches) with a kitty for size reference.


When Rosie was staying with us over Christmas she fell in love with anything yarn related and was convinced that every blanket I was working on. We compromised and I made her a little lap blanket out of the colors of her choice.


Something went wrong though, while I was weaving the ends and it began to unravel quickly. I fixed it and, I’ll admit it, I super-glued my niece’s blanket back together.

My most recent FO is a pair of toe up socks (with afterthought heels).



This was my first successful kitchner experience. I totally feel like I leveled up with this project.

That’s all for FOs now but I’m working on the first of a pair of slippers so hopefully I’ll have something to share soon. I also have a couple more nerdy-themed posts in the woks, so stay tuned.


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