Does This Count?

Imagine; the lights are dimmed, there’s calming music. The yoga instructor is explaining how to relax your muscles one section at a time. She’s asking you to picture your breath as a bright, healing light entering your body. Suddenly your inner peace is shattered when you realize that, crap, you forgot to participate in Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday. Yesterday was my first yoga class (one of the many free classes available at our school’s gym) and I forgot to post on here so I thought I’d do a catch up of sorts.

Tuesday was the first meeting of the Knit Wits, a fiber-loving group a friend of mine started. We call it Knit Wits but all of us were crocheting at our first meeting. Any fiber art is welcome.

IMG_6843 As I said, we were all crocheting, which means I added some to WoW (Rugged Ripples, By Stephanie Gage) I’m half-way through my first black row. I may or may not have bought two more skeins of cascade 220 superwash in Then There’s Mauve and Strawberry Pink… But that’s a story for another day.

IMG_6842I’ve been working on my vanilla socks (By Carle’ Dehning) quite diligently, I’ve finished the first and just passed the heel spot on the second.

I have also been working on my Skeleton Key sweater (By AndreSueKnits). I’m almst finished with the second sections of colorwork.

IMG_6844Here it is, skulls and flowers (so far)! I’m absolutely in love with pattern but it is definitely something that takes all of your attention. I’ve had to tink back so many times when I found my mind wandering. I’m still loving it though.

Also, this is school stuff but, you guys might find it interesting. I am going to go to the tutor center today to try and get a job as a Spanish tutor. This is also accompanied by my announcement that I am officially starting my attempt to study abroad in Spain! Squee! I am going to be honest, Spain wasn’t my first choice but I want to go somewhere where I can use my Spanish and Spain was the only choice. I really wanted to go back to Peru (anybody on here remember that? Or this) but now I can go somewhere new. I googled the college I would be attending (if I were to go) and it is beautiful. I’m so excited but there is a lot of work before I can even be considered, starting with the required number of credits needed (10). If I take one Spanish class every semester until I go I would have nine but I believe I will be able to double up somewhere and take a culture or grammar class and I’ll end up with 12. Have any of you ever studied abroad? I want to hear stories if you have any, please!


3 thoughts on “Does This Count?

  1. I love your post intro. That’s about how my yoga practice goes. Lol. Your projects looks wonderful and I’m smitten with your color choices on the skeleton key! I took several years of Spanish and still cannot speak the language. A trip to Spain sounds exciting to me! 🙂

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