Does This Count?

Imagine; the lights are dimmed, there’s calming music. The yoga instructor is explaining how to relax your muscles one section at a time. She’s asking you to picture your breath as a bright, healing light entering your body. Suddenly your inner peace is shattered when you realize that, crap, you forgot to participate in Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday. Yesterday was my first yoga class (one of the many free classes available at our school’s gym) and I forgot to post on here so I thought I’d do a catch up of sorts.

Tuesday was the first meeting of the Knit Wits, a fiber-loving group a friend of mine started. We call it Knit Wits but all of us were crocheting at our first meeting. Any fiber art is welcome.

IMG_6843 As I said, we were all crocheting, which means I added some to WoW (Rugged Ripples, By Stephanie Gage) I’m half-way through my first black row. I may or may not have bought two more skeins of cascade 220 superwash in Then There’s Mauve and Strawberry Pink… But that’s a story for another day.

IMG_6842I’ve been working on my vanilla socks (By Carle’ Dehning) quite diligently, I’ve finished the first and just passed the heel spot on the second.

I have also been working on my Skeleton Key sweater (By AndreSueKnits). I’m almst finished with the second sections of colorwork.

IMG_6844Here it is, skulls and flowers (so far)! I’m absolutely in love with pattern but it is definitely something that takes all of your attention. I’ve had to tink back so many times when I found my mind wandering. I’m still loving it though.

Also, this is school stuff but, you guys might find it interesting. I am going to go to the tutor center today to try and get a job as a Spanish tutor. This is also accompanied by my announcement that I am officially starting my attempt to study abroad in Spain! Squee! I am going to be honest, Spain wasn’t my first choice but I want to go somewhere where I can use my Spanish and Spain was the only choice. I really wanted to go back to Peru (anybody on here remember that? Or this) but now I can go somewhere new. I googled the college I would be attending (if I were to go) and it is beautiful. I’m so excited but there is a lot of work before I can even be considered, starting with the required number of credits needed (10). If I take one Spanish class every semester until I go I would have nine but I believe I will be able to double up somewhere and take a culture or grammar class and I’ll end up with 12. Have any of you ever studied abroad? I want to hear stories if you have any, please!


Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday (s2 ep2)

It’s Wednesday again? Already? Well I guess it’s time for another episode of Watcha Working on Wednesday with the lovely Iknead2knit. Not much is happening this week, o this’ll be a short one. First off, I made a loaf of bread today using the master recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Dady; a book recommended quite a while by the writer over at The Crafty Yuppie.





It was kind of a bum loaf, the inside is kind of gummy even though it’s totally cooked, the bottom also stuck to the pan I was baking it on. It still tastes fine though. I’ve been having more success on knitting front, thankfully. I was sick for a day and was bit by the sewing bug over the weekend, so the progress was inhibited, but there was progress nonetheless. IMG_6838 I’ve been working on the Blanket quite a bit today, this square is my most recent. Does anybody remember this yarn? According to my calculations I only have 409 squares left to go! (only) IMG_6835My other project has been a sweater for me (quite a departure form the norm!). I cast it on just a few days ago and it’s a very meditative knit. I find myself thinking ‘just another repeat’ and, before I know it, I’ve completed three rounds. As it is a fingering weight sweater I do know it’ll probably take me a while but, with the new formation of a knitting/crocheting/fiber loving group at school I’m hopeful that I’ll have the encouragement needed to complete it. Oh, by the way, I’m planning to keep the motif a secret until I have it knit so I won’t be posting a  picture of my swatch but, if you really want some spoilers the pattern is called Skeleton Key by Andre Sue, of AndreSueKnits.

Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday (s2 ep1)

I don’t know what it is about my love of the undead or the camaraderie between those of us whose zombie preparedness plans include stabbing with our various crafty tools but I have joined another KAL/CAL with the Knitting Dead group on I know, I should branch out more but really I haven’t ever found a Ravelry group that was both welcoming and active, but I digress.

This is, to be precise, a blanket-along. Any blanket, knitting or crochet, wip or started at the beginning, it doesn’t even have to be finished. This is simply a cheering squad for everybody, from January 1st to March 1st (it might even be extended).

I have decided that when in Rome… work on the crazy sock yarn blanket and cast on the Rugged Ripples blanket that started the whole discussion. In queen size, no less.  Here are the two pictures that I took before I started, for posterity.

IMG_6801  IMG_6805

As you can see, one is much wider than the other. I’m not so crazy as to think I’ll get either of them done in three months, my goals are much more sane.

  1. Knit a block every day on the Blanket, working straight across if I can
  2. Just add as much as I can to WoW (Wave on Wave, my name for Rugged Ripples)

Totally doable, right? Well, I’m already behind, I was away for the first five days of January so I’m playing catch-up.

If I’m adding to the Blanket every day I’m going to need an influx of sock yarn, right? Well, it’s a good thing then, that I cast on the Vanilla Socks (Toe up With an Afterthought Heel) in… well, to be honest I’m not 100% sure of the yarn. I was on a car ride with Rosie who wanted to ‘help’ so I gave her the label to hold. I know it was German and I know it was 100% superwash merino but that’s it.


IMG_6815 I’m just past the heel which, as you probably have deduced, is an afterthought heel, my first. That little green line in the middle of the white stripe is where I’ll add the heel when the time comes. It’s a shame I didn’t grab any better pictures of the knit fabric, it’s self striping and makes a mock fair isle. I know right?!



 There’s one onther thing I’ve been working on, my novel. Bet you didn’t know I’ve been working on one of those almost as long as I have been blogging. The beginning of it is at the same quality level as my first blog posts. *shudders* There has also, thankfully been a lot of growth on my part and the original beginning has been scrapped and reworked. It is at 28,789 word which is 117 pages on MS word.

As always I link back to IKnead2Knit. If you want to join in on Watcha Workin’ on Wednesdays or the Blanket-along feel free! Just click on the links provided.