Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday (s1 ep2)

Last time I participated in  Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday  (with iknead2knit) I was finishing up my products for the craft fair. This time I’m working on Christmas presents, mostly.

IMG_6692Today I went out to the LYS near my home and bought two skeins or Berroco Chunky and a skein of CoBaSi (a cotton, bamboo, and silk blend) for Rosie’s present: a cape based on Elsa’s outfit from Frozen and a pair of fingerless mitts for my mom. The pattern is the one that I received from my swapper back in  October. I’ll have more detailed posts on both later on. There aren’t any pictures of either project yet but I hope to get a move on soon.

IMG_6685This might look familiar to some of you? It is rather reminiscent of the Weather scarf I started in January that died about the same time I started college. I decided to use the leftovers to crochet what I’m calling Wave on Wave I have become rather attached already and It has been a pick up-put down project that I hope to finish rather quickly.






IMG_6694I actually have a non-yarny project to share this time.  Lisa’s mother has conscripted me to sew a tee shirt quilt for Lisa for Christmas. She was going to make it herself but ran out of time. I cut out all of the pieces (all 25 of them) yesterday and this afternoon I started sewing rows of five together. I’m at a bit of a standstill until my mom comes home since I’m out of bobbin thread and I don’t know how to wind it. Other than that it is coming along swimmingly and much more quickly than I thought it would. Persephone is having a hard time, however. She seems to think that the pieces are a bed made especially for her. IMG_6696


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