A Learning Experience

Are any of you wondering how the craft show went? I did say that I’d be back after the craft show. So, here goes.

IMG_6660 It was a learning experience overall. From relearning how to French knot (those Christmas trees aren’t going to decorated themselves).





IMG_6661 To having embroider those dang snowflakes the night before. They looked like spider webs so much to me that J suggested that I add spiders to them. Not really helpful but at least he tried.




The day of the craft show came and the rain was coming down in biblical torrents. I arrived late due to the weather but Lisa and I still had enough time to pull everything together on our shared table.

IMG_6662She makes jewelry. And is actually rather famous for it in our small hometown. She had earrings, necklaces and bracelets.





IMG_6664 She is also a prodigious crocheter (having crocheted for longer than I have knit) and made infinity scarves and headbands with a style reminiscent of old-fashioned turbans.





And what did I bring to the table? I brought the hats you all have seen before and before along with some mug cozies.

IMG_6659 Some were made of maroon peaches and crème with felt Christmas trees and some were blue with snowflakes and there were even two made out of some leftover lamb’s pride I had dyed over the summer.




I also had quite a bit of dyed yarn as well.

IMG_6658I had dyed up some skeins of peaches and crème with Rosie over Thanksgiving break. There were also several skeins of Lamb’s Pride that I dyed. I had two skeins named ‘Hard Candy Christmas’ (the Peaches and Crème) one was called ‘Bubblegum’ another was ‘Crazy Candy Cane’ and even one called ‘District Champs’ that was dyed in my high school’s colors (our football team did well).  All of those were Lamb’s Pride.




So overall how did I do? I sold one mug cozy. A snowflake one to one of my Spanish teachers. Now I have a dilemma; what to do with all the stuff I have left. Open an etsy store? Donate them to charity? I know what’s happening to two of the hats. The blue infant hat is going to be tucked away for a day way down the road when I have a child of my own and the green beanie is going to J who likes it a lot. But what do all of you think I should do with the rest?


12 thoughts on “A Learning Experience

  1. It sounds like it was a tough craft show. I’ve not ever tried one myself. It’s awesome that you got the experience under your belt!

    It doesn’t ever hurt to give Etsy a try. It’s 20 cents to list an item so it’s very low risk. My hubby thinks that displaying the mug cozies with a Starbucks cup in them would help your buyers who drink Starbucks make the impulse purchase. 🙂

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