Whatcha’ Working on Wednesday (S1 E1)

Hello, I’ve decided to join my fellow blogger, Beth, over at iknead2knit I participating in her brand-new group post, ‘Whatcha’ Working on Wednesday. It’s similar in many respects to the normal W.I.P. honoring Wednesday posts many of us do except, this one includes all crafts, even the non-fibrous ones. I’m all for inclusion so I decided to give this a go. While all of my works this week are of the knitty variety She has some great mixed media projets over on her blog. I encourage you to go chek it out and even participate yourself.

So what am I working on this week? Firstly, I’m trying to finish up some mug cozies. I’ve been making some plain ones but I also wanted to make some Christmas-themed ones as well.

IMG_6655 I bought half a yard of green felt at Wal Mart today (way more than I will even need) after I realized my embroidery skills suck big hairy… jingle bells. I then French-knotted myself through a YouTube tutorial on the aforementioned embroidery technique. It was easy enough that, after a few false starts, I managed to make something that looked like a decorated Christmas tree. Now all I have to do is sew it on the  mug cozy, Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few more before Saturday morning.

Also for the craft show I have dyed a few skeins of yarn (currently living on my bed- a reminder to work on what I’m going to talk about next).

Lable picture
Labels for some hand-dyed yarn I’ll hopefully be selling there. It’s all I have left of my Lamb’s Pride, plus some Peaches and Cream that Rosie helped me dye (more on that in a later post). I have a skein called ‘District Champs’ in the school’s colors. I’ve been making them on Microsoft Word and it hasn’t been too difficult but I’m still worried that the yarn isn’t good enough to sell.

I’m not the only one working hard. As I type this Lisa is flopped on her bed across the room crocheting another infinity scarf for her half of the table. She is also making head bands and jewelry (which she is moderately famous for in our hometown).


Lisa’s desk: complete with lab goggles and chem notes.


My desk: It comes with all sorts of fiber paraphernalia, the entire collective works of Shakespeare, and a Gameboy.


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