Yet it Gooooo!

I’m sure nearly all of you have been around a young child within the last year who, at some point, half screamed/half sang ‘let it go!’ (or yet it go! if Ls weren’t a thing yet.) even though no one was touching him or her.


And they have also probably, at some point, they started running away from everyone, yelling ‘stay away from me and you’ll be safe!’


If you have no idea what I’m talking about… I’m just going to leave this link here. Don’t watch it too loudly though, or any children within twenty miles of you will start singing in an off-key chorus at you’ll never hear the end of it.

The blue blur you  have seen in both of the above pictures is the cape I knit for my niece Rosie.  I knit the body and hood out of two skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky. The ‘fur’ edging is a strand of Tinkerbell by Peter Pan held together with a skein of Vanna’s Choice. The required cast on of 48 stitches was much, much to small and I upped it to 54 stitches. You can find my full notes on my Ravelry project page.


What I’ve Got

I would fail any elf application Santa was willing to give me. Seriously, I have only one knitted gift actually due on Christmas and I’m still behind. It’s for my mom. I work on it during the day. While she’s at work I am watching every single Marvel movie I own (from Iron Man through the Avengers) and the first three Harry Potter Movies and knitting as quickly as I can. And as soon as she gets home it gets hidden or I go to my room to work.

IMG_6744 The pattern is the Straightforward Mitts (by Mone Dräger) I’m in about seventeen rows and just starting the thumb gusset. I has a very nice [P1 K1tbl] ribbing that is increased from the middle every other round. This is actually the pattern in which I received a pair of my own mitts from the Halloween Swap. I’m using one skein of CoBaSi yarn (55% Cotton, 21% Nylon (Polyamide), 16% Bamboo, and 8% Silk) and, despite it being thinner than the required gauge, it is actually knitting up almost a little loose. It’s rather simple and easy once you  have the pattern memorized. All of which would make one think that I’d be quicker about it but alas (Andre Sue, see your stitch markers?).

Why am I not panicking then you might ask. Why am I even taking the time to write this then?

Because I also have this.


If I don’t write before, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa!

Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday (s1 ep2)

Last time I participated in  Watcha Workin’ on Wednesday  (with iknead2knit) I was finishing up my products for the craft fair. This time I’m working on Christmas presents, mostly.

IMG_6692Today I went out to the LYS near my home and bought two skeins or Berroco Chunky and a skein of CoBaSi (a cotton, bamboo, and silk blend) for Rosie’s present: a cape based on Elsa’s outfit from Frozen and a pair of fingerless mitts for my mom. The pattern is the one that I received from my swapper back in  October. I’ll have more detailed posts on both later on. There aren’t any pictures of either project yet but I hope to get a move on soon.

IMG_6685This might look familiar to some of you? It is rather reminiscent of the Weather scarf I started in January that died about the same time I started college. I decided to use the leftovers to crochet what I’m calling Wave on Wave I have become rather attached already and It has been a pick up-put down project that I hope to finish rather quickly.






IMG_6694I actually have a non-yarny project to share this time.  Lisa’s mother has conscripted me to sew a tee shirt quilt for Lisa for Christmas. She was going to make it herself but ran out of time. I cut out all of the pieces (all 25 of them) yesterday and this afternoon I started sewing rows of five together. I’m at a bit of a standstill until my mom comes home since I’m out of bobbin thread and I don’t know how to wind it. Other than that it is coming along swimmingly and much more quickly than I thought it would. Persephone is having a hard time, however. She seems to think that the pieces are a bed made especially for her. IMG_6696

A Learning Experience

Are any of you wondering how the craft show went? I did say that I’d be back after the craft show. So, here goes.

IMG_6660 It was a learning experience overall. From relearning how to French knot (those Christmas trees aren’t going to decorated themselves).





IMG_6661 To having embroider those dang snowflakes the night before. They looked like spider webs so much to me that J suggested that I add spiders to them. Not really helpful but at least he tried.




The day of the craft show came and the rain was coming down in biblical torrents. I arrived late due to the weather but Lisa and I still had enough time to pull everything together on our shared table.

IMG_6662She makes jewelry. And is actually rather famous for it in our small hometown. She had earrings, necklaces and bracelets.





IMG_6664 She is also a prodigious crocheter (having crocheted for longer than I have knit) and made infinity scarves and headbands with a style reminiscent of old-fashioned turbans.





And what did I bring to the table? I brought the hats you all have seen before and before along with some mug cozies.

IMG_6659 Some were made of maroon peaches and crème with felt Christmas trees and some were blue with snowflakes and there were even two made out of some leftover lamb’s pride I had dyed over the summer.




I also had quite a bit of dyed yarn as well.

IMG_6658I had dyed up some skeins of peaches and crème with Rosie over Thanksgiving break. There were also several skeins of Lamb’s Pride that I dyed. I had two skeins named ‘Hard Candy Christmas’ (the Peaches and Crème) one was called ‘Bubblegum’ another was ‘Crazy Candy Cane’ and even one called ‘District Champs’ that was dyed in my high school’s colors (our football team did well).  All of those were Lamb’s Pride.




So overall how did I do? I sold one mug cozy. A snowflake one to one of my Spanish teachers. Now I have a dilemma; what to do with all the stuff I have left. Open an etsy store? Donate them to charity? I know what’s happening to two of the hats. The blue infant hat is going to be tucked away for a day way down the road when I have a child of my own and the green beanie is going to J who likes it a lot. But what do all of you think I should do with the rest?

Whatcha’ Working on Wednesday (S1 E1)

Hello, I’ve decided to join my fellow blogger, Beth, over at iknead2knit I participating in her brand-new group post, ‘Whatcha’ Working on Wednesday. It’s similar in many respects to the normal W.I.P. honoring Wednesday posts many of us do except, this one includes all crafts, even the non-fibrous ones. I’m all for inclusion so I decided to give this a go. While all of my works this week are of the knitty variety She has some great mixed media projets over on her blog. I encourage you to go chek it out and even participate yourself.

So what am I working on this week? Firstly, I’m trying to finish up some mug cozies. I’ve been making some plain ones but I also wanted to make some Christmas-themed ones as well.

IMG_6655 I bought half a yard of green felt at Wal Mart today (way more than I will even need) after I realized my embroidery skills suck big hairy… jingle bells. I then French-knotted myself through a YouTube tutorial on the aforementioned embroidery technique. It was easy enough that, after a few false starts, I managed to make something that looked like a decorated Christmas tree. Now all I have to do is sew it on the  mug cozy, Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few more before Saturday morning.

Also for the craft show I have dyed a few skeins of yarn (currently living on my bed- a reminder to work on what I’m going to talk about next).

Lable picture
Labels for some hand-dyed yarn I’ll hopefully be selling there. It’s all I have left of my Lamb’s Pride, plus some Peaches and Cream that Rosie helped me dye (more on that in a later post). I have a skein called ‘District Champs’ in the school’s colors. I’ve been making them on Microsoft Word and it hasn’t been too difficult but I’m still worried that the yarn isn’t good enough to sell.

I’m not the only one working hard. As I type this Lisa is flopped on her bed across the room crocheting another infinity scarf for her half of the table. She is also making head bands and jewelry (which she is moderately famous for in our hometown).


Lisa’s desk: complete with lab goggles and chem notes.


My desk: It comes with all sorts of fiber paraphernalia, the entire collective works of Shakespeare, and a Gameboy.