One Lovely Blog

This post is going to be a bit shorter but I thought that this deserved a post of its own.

I was nominated by the writer of the blog CreepingThyme (thanks so much!) for the One Lovely Blog award. It has, as she said, a wonderful pay-it-forward quality to it. If you are nominated you must complete a series of tasks (this sounds rather quest-like).


  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award (their About page is a good place!) (I don’t follow many blogs anymore so, I decided to do a lucky thirteen instead)
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you

So, here are my seven facts:

  1.  I’m knitting the same Christmas present for my younger niece, Daisy, that I knit for her older sister, Rosie, for her first Christmas.
  2.  We pronounce my cat’s name (Persephone) per-se-phone instead of per-se-fo-ne.
  3. I love to eat radishes.
  4. I once wrote my boyfriend a note and hid it with his DS because that was the one place I was sure he would notice it.
  5. I bought my eleventh-grade prom dress at a thrift store.
  6. In middle and part of high school I wanted to be manga-ka (manga writer/artist).m
  7. My favorite book in the world is Dracula.

Okay, the bloggers…

  1. Andre Sue Knits: Andre Sue’s such a great lady, she is always publishing so many great patterns. She seems to whip out patterns left and right and they’re always so detailed and creative. Even her foray into hand painting yarns is pretty.
  2. Weekend Knitter Blog: Stacy was the very first comment and follow I ever had was from her on my first blog. She isn’t always active (I totally get it) but her posts are always worth the wait (especially her handspun).
  3. Lollyknits: I love Lolly’s handspun, it inspires me to learn more about spinning. She’s a student just like me (although much further along) and she gets taking Legos to college.
  4. The Crafty Yuppie: Manni delivers just the right amount of knitting and just the right amount of sass. Oh, and her food posts always make my stomach growl
  5. Agujas: Verónica has been to the most amazing places and always manages to find an awesome LYS. I love being able to glimpse the world through her blog.
  6. Mad Man Knitting: What can I say about Gregory? Well, first of all, any guy who is supporting himself on knitted teddy bears is awesome but he is just an all-around great guy, it shows through his great writing.
  7. The Sock Monkey: Not only is Josiah somehow finding time to participate in NaNoWriMo (I think that’s how it goes) but he has had two patterns published in Knitty (the second comes out in the winter ’14 issue). He’s great guy too (his knitting’s pretty rad as well).
  8. Knit the Hell Out: Cassy lives up to her blog’s name, somehow she’s constantly craking out knits for her and her daughter, ‘Z’.
  9. All She Wants to do is Knit: Caity Rosey is a great knitter and a nerd too (Which is great.). I love her new holiday sweater. I wish I had the attention span to knit one…
  10. Grackle & Sun: If you ever want to read posts about natural dyes or see beautiful pictures of a farm, then Dre’s blog is the place to go.
  11. iKnead2Knit: This is the blog you’re looking for if you’re looking for all kinds of art, not just knitting. She participates in Mixed-Media Mondays and her pieces are always fantastic.
  12. TheBraveLittleThread: She combines her wonderfully-written posts with Instagram pictures. Her writing is great and so is her knitting.
  13. Mein gehäkeltes Herz: Unfortunately, I cannot read German but I still enjoy looking at her pictures. Her knits and yarn are so pretty.

This is also a thankful post of sorts. Even If I didn’t nominate you, I want to say thank you. I blog, not because I love to knit (which I do) but because I love to write. I’ve been blogging for a long time (it seems) and if I didn’t love to write I would of made a tumblr or something less writing intensive. So, I want to thank you for reading what I write.


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