For those of you who are new to my blog, you may have never have hear of the Blanket (with a capital B). It’s the single most crazy and time consuming project I have ever attempted. I mentioned it a few times when I started this blog but it quickly dropped of the radar. I’ve been working on this Blanket for two and-a-half years now and I’m bound and determined to finish it before I graduate from college. I must be fated to finish it if it keeps boomeranging back from the hibernating WIPs pile to the forefront of my working WIPs.

Just for laughs I decided to figure out how many squares I have left and how many I would have to knit per day to finish it over Christmas break. Here it is at 215 squares this evening.


If I did the math right (which is doubtful) I have 31 squares per row (as denoted by the squares with legos on them, yes I brought legos to college with me)


By my measurements the blanket is 59.5 inches wide and it’ll be 77 inches long. I’ll need 20 rows and 635 squares total. Therefore, I have 420 squares left to knit. That means, with my six-week-long winter break (I don’t know why either, but I’m not questioning it) I’d have to knit approximately 9 squares a day. I doubt this will happen, but it’s slightly comical in its absurdity. You might be wondering why I’m not planning on going from today to the end of Christmas break, well I’m entering the wonder season called “End of Term’ I have papers to write and finals to study for. I doubt I’ll see you all until we come out on the other side at the craft show. Until then, happy knitting.


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