Blogoween #5- Dress Rehersal

Warning! If you don’t like Halloween costumes with slightly gory makeup (real-looking fake blood) you might want to skip this post.

On Saturday night I did a practice run of my makeup for Halloween. As one might guess from my blog post and the new header (I drew it myself! But I’m more proud of the fact I figured out how to use our new high-tech scanner and got it oriented right on here), I like zombies.
Especially those of the walking dead variety. Last year I went as one using very basic makeup that one could buy at any Halloween store.


This year I wanted to do it again but more intensely. I found an awesome tutorial on youtube and a list of various ways to make fake blood (I used #6 for my wounds). I ordered some (vegan) makeup from and I was all set.


There are a few things I’ll do differently on Friday. For instance, I’ll use more liquid latex and cover all of the wounds and whatnot with it. I won’t use gelatine on my lips or cheeks, any movement and it would remove itself. Also, I’ll use green for some coloring. My roommate had the palette the green was on and was using it at a haunted house across campus.


One last thing I’ll do differently is that I’ll have blood for me to be drooling. Overall I think it went very well despite the things I want to change, after all that’s the point of a dress rehearsal.
What are your plans for Halloween?


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