Blogoween #4- Mail Day

I received my swap package Friday. And, let me tell you, It was awesome. I’d highly recommend trying a swap if you never have before. I thought a follow-up post to #2 would be a good idea. So, here are my favorite things from the package.


As a movie fan (particularly of old ones) I couldn’t wait to read this magazine! I’ve finished it already and my boyfriend and I are planning to watch some or most of them. He’s into horror movies and I’ve never really seen any.


Here are my first two real project bags. They’re certainly prettier than the bags from sheet sets that I’ve been using.


Squishies! I love the colors of both yarns. The pink and blue is Ella rRe lace merino (I already have a tentative project in mind for it!) and the purple/green yarn is called Big trend. There’s also a pattern for a cowl and scarf that goes with the yarn. She also included the pattern for the fingerless gloves she knit me. I’ll definitely be making a pair to gift. She also included the extras from what she made me which will be awesome additions to my sock yarn blankie.


Please excuse the weird face, I was trying to get the slouchyness of the hat and the pattern on the gloves both in the same shot. I love love love both of them.  This is the first time I have ever had anything knit for me. It’s different being on this side of the needles.  A random side note: I always seem to be wearing my Led-Zeppelin shirt when I’m taking pictures of hand knits.

I was super lucky an am so grateful to my swapper and can’t wait to send mine out a little later today. Two post, two days in a row. I’m on a roll!


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