Blogoween #3- Crocheted Halloween

I was going to do a dry run of my Halloween makeup today and post about it but I realized, duh the makeup part, like the actual powders, hadn’t come in the mail yet. So, instead I decided to do a post on crocheted Halloween patterns. I don’t have as many pictures for this post but I’ll do my best.


Curly, the Good Green Witch

Say hello to Curly, the Good Green Witch (By Teresa Alvarez). She’s sure to be stirring up some sort of treat in her cauldron this Halloween. I love her non-traditional witch outfit, especially with the sparkly bangles hanging off her crop top and bloomers, but my favorite part has to be her hair. Curly-haired people (witches, warlocks and mortals) unite!


Halloween Witch – Amigurumi Pattern

Here’s another witch, this one looks like she might be brewing up tricks instead of treats but I’m sure that Halloween Witch – Amigurumi Pattern (By Paola Navarro) will be willing to fly you somewhere on your broom if you’re late to trick-or-treating Halloween night.


Halloween Spider

This one has to be my favorite of this post. Halloween Spider (By Teresa Alvarez) is just one of those projects that makes me wish I could crochet proficiently. All I can make are granny squares. This spider’s goofy smile and three eyes will delight even those who usually avoid arachnids.


Halloween Wreath

Here’s a bonus knitted project! I got permission to post the picture after I posted my Knitted Halloween post (Totally my fault. Next time I’ll start planning more in advance. Live and learn and all that.) Anyway, the Halloween wreath (By Nicky Evans)is a great way to let your neighbors know (trick-or-treaters too) that it’s Halloween season again! It’s a very customizable post and can be made your own.

If you’re interested in more Halloween-themed crochet patterns check out this Ravelry search.

Hope you guys are well into preparing for Halloween (if you’re into that) or just having a great weekend (if you’re not). I have a three day weekend so I’ll be posting tomorrow too. THUNK! Did somebody out there just faint?! It’s okay, I don’t blame you. I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I have been wanting to.


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