Blogoween Post #1- Knitted Halloween

When many knitters think of holidays and knitting they think of Christmas (and all the present knitting that goes with it), not many think of Halloween first. But, after a search of Ravelry I have found some curiously cute and spooky patterns, perfect for this month (because Halloween is all of October, right?). So enjoy these patterns and click on the picture if you want to see more.


Copyright: Lucy Barkley

This is the ‘Halloween Garland’ (by Lucy Barkley). It makes me think of a spooky twist in the traditional Easter tree. With even a Grim Reaper this project is sure to make your home a little more ‘Halloween’. Oh and check out the mummy in the bottom right, he’s my favorite!


Copyright: Susan Claudino

Say hello to ‘Jinx!’ (By Susan Claudino). This little guy reminds me of a black cat or perhaps a little Monster who’s all dressed up for Halloween. Either wa, he’s super cute and a plushie I would love to cuddle.


Copyright: Susan Claudino


Copyright: Susan Claudino

I couldn’t post just one picture of ‘Patch’ (by Susan Claudino) because there are so many ways you can go with this little guy. He could be more fall-themed and cute or more scary and Halloween-themed. It’s all in the colors and the face. Whenever I look at this pattern all I hear is ‘It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!’.


Copyright: Susan Claudino

I know, technically, this pattern isn’t Halloween-themed, but one of the songs I listen to around Halloween every year is Marie LaVaeu (by Bobby Bare). I mean, she’s “got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone” and I think ‘VooDoo You Love Me?’ (by Susan Claudino) would be the perfectly little companion for Marie (or me!). There are so many Halloween patterns out there, this is just a small sample to get you in the Halloween mood. Here’s a Ravelry search if you want to keep going. Crocheters fear not! There’ll be a post dedicated to you folks soon! Hope you all enjoyed this and hopefully, I’ll be able to get the next post up soon, tings have been rather insane around here lately.   Note: I am not paid or asked to promote any of these patterns and the blurbs are all from my head.


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