Blogoween #5- Dress Rehersal

Warning! If you don’t like Halloween costumes with slightly gory makeup (real-looking fake blood) you might want to skip this post.

On Saturday night I did a practice run of my makeup for Halloween. As one might guess from my blog post and the new header (I drew it myself! But I’m more proud of the fact I figured out how to use our new high-tech scanner and got it oriented right on here), I like zombies.
Especially those of the walking dead variety. Last year I went as one using very basic makeup that one could buy at any Halloween store.


This year I wanted to do it again but more intensely. I found an awesome tutorial on youtube and a list of various ways to make fake blood (I used #6 for my wounds). I ordered some (vegan) makeup from and I was all set.


There are a few things I’ll do differently on Friday. For instance, I’ll use more liquid latex and cover all of the wounds and whatnot with it. I won’t use gelatine on my lips or cheeks, any movement and it would remove itself. Also, I’ll use green for some coloring. My roommate had the palette the green was on and was using it at a haunted house across campus.


One last thing I’ll do differently is that I’ll have blood for me to be drooling. Overall I think it went very well despite the things I want to change, after all that’s the point of a dress rehearsal.
What are your plans for Halloween?


Blogoween #4- Mail Day

I received my swap package Friday. And, let me tell you, It was awesome. I’d highly recommend trying a swap if you never have before. I thought a follow-up post to #2 would be a good idea. So, here are my favorite things from the package.


As a movie fan (particularly of old ones) I couldn’t wait to read this magazine! I’ve finished it already and my boyfriend and I are planning to watch some or most of them. He’s into horror movies and I’ve never really seen any.


Here are my first two real project bags. They’re certainly prettier than the bags from sheet sets that I’ve been using.


Squishies! I love the colors of both yarns. The pink and blue is Ella rRe lace merino (I already have a tentative project in mind for it!) and the purple/green yarn is called Big trend. There’s also a pattern for a cowl and scarf that goes with the yarn. She also included the pattern for the fingerless gloves she knit me. I’ll definitely be making a pair to gift. She also included the extras from what she made me which will be awesome additions to my sock yarn blankie.


Please excuse the weird face, I was trying to get the slouchyness of the hat and the pattern on the gloves both in the same shot. I love love love both of them.  This is the first time I have ever had anything knit for me. It’s different being on this side of the needles.  A random side note: I always seem to be wearing my Led-Zeppelin shirt when I’m taking pictures of hand knits.

I was super lucky an am so grateful to my swapper and can’t wait to send mine out a little later today. Two post, two days in a row. I’m on a roll!

Blogoween #3- Crocheted Halloween

I was going to do a dry run of my Halloween makeup today and post about it but I realized, duh the makeup part, like the actual powders, hadn’t come in the mail yet. So, instead I decided to do a post on crocheted Halloween patterns. I don’t have as many pictures for this post but I’ll do my best.


Curly, the Good Green Witch

Say hello to Curly, the Good Green Witch (By Teresa Alvarez). She’s sure to be stirring up some sort of treat in her cauldron this Halloween. I love her non-traditional witch outfit, especially with the sparkly bangles hanging off her crop top and bloomers, but my favorite part has to be her hair. Curly-haired people (witches, warlocks and mortals) unite!


Halloween Witch – Amigurumi Pattern

Here’s another witch, this one looks like she might be brewing up tricks instead of treats but I’m sure that Halloween Witch – Amigurumi Pattern (By Paola Navarro) will be willing to fly you somewhere on your broom if you’re late to trick-or-treating Halloween night.


Halloween Spider

This one has to be my favorite of this post. Halloween Spider (By Teresa Alvarez) is just one of those projects that makes me wish I could crochet proficiently. All I can make are granny squares. This spider’s goofy smile and three eyes will delight even those who usually avoid arachnids.


Halloween Wreath

Here’s a bonus knitted project! I got permission to post the picture after I posted my Knitted Halloween post (Totally my fault. Next time I’ll start planning more in advance. Live and learn and all that.) Anyway, the Halloween wreath (By Nicky Evans)is a great way to let your neighbors know (trick-or-treaters too) that it’s Halloween season again! It’s a very customizable post and can be made your own.

If you’re interested in more Halloween-themed crochet patterns check out this Ravelry search.

Hope you guys are well into preparing for Halloween (if you’re into that) or just having a great weekend (if you’re not). I have a three day weekend so I’ll be posting tomorrow too. THUNK! Did somebody out there just faint?! It’s okay, I don’t blame you. I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I have been wanting to.

Blogoween #2- Zombie Preparedness

Do you have a cousin/parent/brother/aunt/nephew/dog sitter who loves Halloween as much as you do (or maybe even more)?

Would you like to show your love for them with an extra special treat?

If you answered yes to these questions please continue reading. Whether they live a block down the street of half-way across the country, this would be an idea for them.

A  group I belong to on Ravelry is doing a Halloween swap. This started way back in August and the first day to mail is today (except if you lie in the US today is a federal holiday so no post for us.) Once I had amassed my goodies I got about to decorating the envelope and that’s where I thought of something I could share with you guys for Blogoween.

All you need for this project is an envelope (I used a 10 x 13 inch one, as per the rules of our swap), a roll of duct tape (I used black but any color would work- I’ve seen candy corn ones and other Halloween themes as well), and a silver paint pen (or a sharpie).

1. First cover your envelope in duct tape but don’t seal it. This is simply to reinforce it but make it look nice if you can by laying the tape flat and trying to keep your pieces straight.

2. Second, decorate the way you choose.

3. Fill (with little toys or treats) and seal (you may need to duct tape it shut even if it is self sealing).

That’s it! Here are some ideas to get you started;


I made mine look like a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. I even included a letter stating what all of the ‘tools’ were and how I thought they could be used. This is a great theme for any zombie-lover or Walking Dead fan.



I also came up with some simple drawings that could be done to decorate the envelope if you’re thinking just a Halloween theme. For these collages start in the upper left corner then go down the column and the do the same on the right side.




Scardy Cat




Vampire Bat

Over all, it’s pretty easy to customize your envelope however you want.


Here’s mine all full and ready to be sent.


Blogoween Post #1- Knitted Halloween

When many knitters think of holidays and knitting they think of Christmas (and all the present knitting that goes with it), not many think of Halloween first. But, after a search of Ravelry I have found some curiously cute and spooky patterns, perfect for this month (because Halloween is all of October, right?). So enjoy these patterns and click on the picture if you want to see more.


Copyright: Lucy Barkley

This is the ‘Halloween Garland’ (by Lucy Barkley). It makes me think of a spooky twist in the traditional Easter tree. With even a Grim Reaper this project is sure to make your home a little more ‘Halloween’. Oh and check out the mummy in the bottom right, he’s my favorite!


Copyright: Susan Claudino

Say hello to ‘Jinx!’ (By Susan Claudino). This little guy reminds me of a black cat or perhaps a little Monster who’s all dressed up for Halloween. Either wa, he’s super cute and a plushie I would love to cuddle.


Copyright: Susan Claudino


Copyright: Susan Claudino

I couldn’t post just one picture of ‘Patch’ (by Susan Claudino) because there are so many ways you can go with this little guy. He could be more fall-themed and cute or more scary and Halloween-themed. It’s all in the colors and the face. Whenever I look at this pattern all I hear is ‘It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!’.


Copyright: Susan Claudino

I know, technically, this pattern isn’t Halloween-themed, but one of the songs I listen to around Halloween every year is Marie LaVaeu (by Bobby Bare). I mean, she’s “got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone” and I think ‘VooDoo You Love Me?’ (by Susan Claudino) would be the perfectly little companion for Marie (or me!). There are so many Halloween patterns out there, this is just a small sample to get you in the Halloween mood. Here’s a Ravelry search if you want to keep going. Crocheters fear not! There’ll be a post dedicated to you folks soon! Hope you all enjoyed this and hopefully, I’ll be able to get the next post up soon, tings have been rather insane around here lately.   Note: I am not paid or asked to promote any of these patterns and the blurbs are all from my head.