It’s Never to Early

To think abut Halloween. (Did you think it was going to be about Christmas knitting? I haven’t even started barking up that crazy tree.) Around here Halloween seems to be the favorite holiday. I don’t know why, something about dressing up, or maybe, it’s the black cats or the spooky atmosphere. Whatever the reason I decided that this year I’m going to try to do something I’ve seen YouTubers do. It’s called Blogoween. Most post makeup tutorials for their costumes and the like. I thought ‘why not incorporate my love of zombies, and do-it-yourself for my own series of posts’?

Knowing my workload I’m still not one hundred percent sure this will work but, I figure it’s worth a try. My plan of attack will be to write up as many in advance as I can and stagger their releases.

The Blogoween posts will start at the beginning of October and will continue up through Halloween. To get the ball rolling I created my first-ever poll (fingers crossed that it works). Feel free to vote for multiple categories but, please only vote for each category once.


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