It’s Never to Early

To think abut Halloween. (Did you think it was going to be about Christmas knitting? I haven’t even started barking up that crazy tree.) Around here Halloween seems to be the favorite holiday. I don’t know why, something about dressing up, or maybe, it’s the black cats or the spooky atmosphere. Whatever the reason I decided that this year I’m going to try to do something I’ve seen YouTubers do. It’s called Blogoween. Most post makeup tutorials for their costumes and the like. I thought ‘why not incorporate my love of zombies, and do-it-yourself for my own series of posts’?

Knowing my workload I’m still not one hundred percent sure this will work but, I figure it’s worth a try. My plan of attack will be to write up as many in advance as I can and stagger their releases.

The Blogoween posts will start at the beginning of October and will continue up through Halloween. To get the ball rolling I created my first-ever poll (fingers crossed that it works). Feel free to vote for multiple categories but, please only vote for each category once.


A New Toy

Once upon a time there was an USAF weather guy named Aaron. IMG_6530 He also made spindles, but these weren’t just any spindles, they were made with love from colored pencils. IMG_6531I discovered him on instagram but quickly learned of his etsy shop and the updates that had spinners hunched over their tablets and laptops, waiting for the chance to scoop one up. IMG_6532 After months of stalking monitoring his instagram I was able to finally snag one for myself.  

PS- There’s actually quite a few left in his shop (surprisingly). Some are even Halloween-themed.

FO Friday (Mark 2)

I know, technically, it isn’t Friday. Technically it’s Sunday. But, since I wrote this post up in my mind on Friday it counts as an FO Friday even if today isn’t technically Friday. Right? Don’t  question my logic, just look at the FOs.

First, we have Zombie Teeth (By Terri Kruse ). I knit it out of one skein of Bohemia Fibers’ Bohemian Sock (100% Superwash Merino, 2 Ply, 400 Yards, 100 Grams) in the colorway Pookie. It blocked wonderfully. Pre-block it was 44 & 1/2 inches long and it stretched easily all the way to 66 inches. I was nervous when I unpinned it but, it didn’t snap back.



I forgot my camera when I came home this weekend so these are awkward tablet selfies. There seems to be several ways to wear this shawlette but, this is my favorite. I absolutely loved this knit and I would have never knitted it if it wasn’t part of a KAL simply because it wasn’t a free pattern (What can I say, I was ‘knitting raised’ on but, it was worth every penny. I know I’ll be knitting another one because my bestie has already asked about one.

My other FO has been an FO for a while. It’s Rosie, my niece’s, third birthday present. She has a thing for socks. She likes to take them off of her feet and wear them on her hands. She just loves socks. I spent thirty minutes on the way to Delaware this summer playing ‘this little piggy’ with her socked hands (I started with her toes but she wanted me to ‘do’ her fingers as well). I have been trying to give her books with her presents because reading rocks. This year I stumbled across a book from when I was little; Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch.


It’s about a little girl named Tina who gets the best pair of socks ever. She loves them so much she doesn’t want to ever take them off and that’s when the trouble starts.  What I did was knit up a pair of socks that matched the ones in the book. So Rosie will have a new book and awesome new socks to go with it. I used Knit Picks Stroll and another similar yarn that I’m blanking on right now. There was a yellow, Dandelion, that I wanted to use but it was out of stock until after Rosie’s birthday. The socks are toe-up and I just made them up as I went along. I think I re-started them about three times to get  the size right. Rosie is a very tiny three-year-old so these are smaller than most socks for kids her age.
That’s it. I hope next time I have more to share and it’s actually technically on a Friday.

Settling In

I really wanted to wait until I had my laptop back (technical difficulties) to write a blog post but as that time looks further and further away I decided to post one from my tablet. It’s not so bad really, I have a keyboard for it. Thank God, or I wouldn’t be able to type at all proficiently for my three online classes. But, those two things are each a rant for another time.

Anyway, (deep breath) I have been settling nicely here at the U. I already knew my roommate from my hometown. She is actually my best friend. Despite all the warnings against it, we seem to be doing well.


This is our dorm on move in day. Please ignore Lisa’s legs in the middle. My bed is the brown one. If you look closely, there is a familiar set of bedsheets. All of the rooms here are suites so the doorway you see in the middle lead to a sink, a bathroom, and a micro fridge (combination microwave and minifridge). There have been some changes to the room, my parents brought up some shelving and I put up a Captain America poster yesterday. The place looks more lived-in now.

My plants have made themselves at home on the window sill and sprouted. Did I ever do a post about them?

Nope, apparently not. Sorry! What I did was I planted eight different herbs and took them with me to school. So far five have sprouted.


From top to bottom we have sage, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and basil. I’ll post better pictures once I can use my camera for posts again.

I have been busy lately participating in my second-ever KAL (knit-a-long). I joined the Knitting Dead group on Ravelry. It’s a group that started out just for Walking Dead Fans but, by the time I joined, it had evolved into a group for all fans of the undead/supernatural. The folks over there are super inclusive and very friendly. I’d totally stop in if I were you. But I digress, the KAL is for the Zombie Teeth Shawlette (By Terri Kruse). It’s a simple garter stitch pattern with a little lace on each of the ‘teeth’.


I’m probably about 3/4 of the way done. I’m using one skein of Bohemia Fibers’ Pookie (Walking Dead fans will get it.) It will definitely need some aggressive blocking. Which reminds me, I need pins! There’s a fabric shop down the street from campus and I’m sure they have some regular pins there I can buy. This pattern, over all is super easy and it is great to see all the other ones being worked up. (The linky there is to the page with all the projects in this specific KAL)

I hope I’ll be able to post again soon, and this time, from my laptop.