Time Traveling Bedsheets.

Everybody in my family thinks I grew up in the wrong decade. They think I’d be more comfortable in the nineteen sixties. What can I say? I’m my mother’s daughter. That being said, as I shopped for everything I would need in my dorm I hatched a plan. I was going to tie-dye my bed sheets. I would have a brown comforter and curtain over my closet but, all my little things like plates and cups and whatnot would be bright colors that matched the tye-die hues of my bed sheets.

The battle was hard, there were lots of color casualties.


Mostly my hands and feet, due to a leaking bottle of purple dye that I stepped in and a yellow bottle that wasn’lt closed right so it sprayed yellow everywhere.


I actually ran out of dye part-way through so all I did was the sheets and a few shirts. One was a white blouse that had come out of the washer with mysterious blue stains. I tie-dyed to cover those up. I also did a purple ombre on a grey tank top. A few days and a Walmart run later, I tie-dyed the three dishcloths that I had knitted up earlier in the summer (using The Almost Lost Washcloth pattern by Julie Tarsha). 



I think, for once, on of my plans actually worked.


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