I have a problem.

My goal while I was at the beach was to catch up on the Blanket. While I now realize that this goal was a ludicrous one I have a problem. I did work on the Blanket every day and towards the end I noticed something.


I was running out of yarn. As I diligently knitted I was using up skeins. That’s a good thing on the progress end of things but, on the variety of the blanket end I might as well be starving it. I had a lot of blue yarns to begin with and now I think 75% of the yarns I’m knitting with are blue and 10% are green or grey.


What a pretty problem

The only solution is to knit more socks, right?

As tempting as that suggestion is I have a better one. A swap. Would anybody be willing to swap mini skeins with me? We could do five (or any number you feel comfortable with) mini skeins at in between 25 and thirty yards per skein. That should be enough for two squares, at least by my math. One person would be drawn randomly to receive the 30 yard skein of yarn I dyed with sour grass, dandelions, and onion skins.


This is what looks like knit up


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