FO Friday (Mark One)

Somewhere about Wednesday I decided I wanted to participate in FO* Friday. It was more to encourage myself to finish all the UFOs** I had languishing in the top drawer of my stash than anything else.


I knitted as fast I could for two and-a-half days (which isn’t that fast at all. ;)) and I did manage to lower my WIP count quite a bit.


The first thing I finished was the Hippie Trippy washcloth (The Almost Lost Washcloth by Julie Tarsha).


I used some acrylic yarn from the bottom of my stash. I think it was my little brother’s at some point.

The second thing I finished was the Stevedora hat of my own creation. All that was left was the crown decreases and I finished pretty quickly. As soon as I cast off, three stitches promptly unraveled. I have no idea where they came from but I caught them and fixed it up. This morning my I got my brother to take pictures of me modeling it.



Please excuse my hair, it was still damp from my shower.


This afternoon I finished a little coaster made up of four mitted squares.


I used scraps of a wool/silk blend and acrylic yarn I got at a yard sale.


The lines don’t quite match up but I don’t care. It’s a prototype for more to come.

One thing I didn’t get done was a beanie.


I made a valiant effort but I only got about four inches into it and it needs to be seven before I even start decreasing for the crown. Maybe next week.

* Finished Object

** Unfinished Object

FO Fridays are hosted by Tami’s Amis


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