Lightning Strikes Thrice

I don’t know what it is but there is something about Delaware that makes me want to yarn bomb. It is, after all, the place of my first yarn bomb. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s the anonymity of being in a high traffic tourist area where no one knows me. Whatever it is, I scratched that metaphorical itch these past two weeks while my family was in on vacation.

I had decided ahead of time that I was going to use the squares from the memory quilt I started in middle school. I took with me a few squares that had not been attached when the blanket WIP was put away.  I ended up only leaving two tags but I can share a little bit about them.


I left this tag at a rest stop on the way, before we even reached the campground. This little square was knitted to commemorate the time in eighth grade when I took third place in my school’s science fair. The topic was electricity, hence the lightning bolt.


This tag wasn’t a part of my memory quilt but it has a special story. The fist tag I left got me high on guerilla knitting and I was determined to leave another. What better place than the wonderfully eclectic Fractured Prune? I made it out of purple fun fur and teal yarn. I was going to leave it two years ago but, when we were there my picture taking device (I forget whether it was a camera or iPod.) was dead so I saved it. In a fit of foresight drastically uncharacteristic I packed and took it with me. Continuing  this strange behavior I took it and a darning needle with me the first time we went on this trip and left it.


I had this square for two years and not only did I manage to hold onto it and remember that I had it but I actually thought ahead enough to pack it. Be impressed my friends, be very impressed.

Since sand and yarn don’t play well together, I left different kind of knitting tag at the beach.



I built a ball of yarn with a pair of knitting needles sticking through it out of yarn. Unfortunately I didn’t think of it in time to enter the sandcastle contest held on the beach earlier that day.


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